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WELCOME TO THE MUNICIPAL CLERKS' ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY The objectives of the Municipal Clerks' Association of New Jersey are to promote education and training in the Municipal Clerks' industry, a better understanding of the official duties and obligation of its members, and insofar as possible to set up uniform methods of procedures in New Jersey municipalities.

The Municipal Clerks’ Association of New Jersey

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Job Opportunities

Title: Township of New Hanover - Burlington County


The Township of New Hanover, Burlington County, is seeking a motivated individual
for a part-time clerical position.

Competitive pay rates, and Microsoft Office experience preferred. 9-1 Mon-Thurs.

Send resume’ to New Hanover Township Administrator
Attention Donna Mull or

mail to
New Hanover Township
Attention Donna Mull Administrator
2 Hockamick Rd, Cooktown, NJ 08511 

Resumes’ must be submitted by Friday, October 30, 2020.