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    Over the past several months, members of MCANJ’s
    Annual Education Conference committee have been
    working on putting together a conference 

                        MOTIVATION MATTERS!

    where we  can learn about and discuss issues, ideas
    and work that focus on topics of mutual concern.

    Our goal is to expand your knowledge of the workings of local government and to refresh our memories on common practices that we all follow so that we can continue to make a real difference in our communities.
    For conference information and to register for the conference, please click here and fill in all of the required fields.  After you click on submit, an invoice / confirmation will appear on the screen which includes our signed certification.  This certification has already been approved by the Division of Local Government Services therefore, you do not have to send your purchase order to us for a signature.  Simply attach our invoice / confirmation to your purchase order and submit to your Finance / Comptroller’s Office for payment.  (If your municipality wants to see the DLGS approval, it can be found on our website (www.njclerks.org) under “About Us”.
    Also be reminded that in order to take advantage of the member rate, you must be a currently registered MCANJ member and your dues payment must have been received.  The database will automatically check this once you hit the submit button.    
    Finally, since walk-in purchase orders will not be permitted, please remember to register early so that you do not forget.
    John M. Mitch
    MCANJ President


    Municipal Clerks' Association of New Jersey, 88 Inskip Ave, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756


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